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According to everyday health thyroid disease is a common cause of harmonal imbalance in the body the thyroid can make either too much throid hormone(Hyperthyroidism) or too little thyroid harmone (hypothyroidism) of your thyroid gland is overactive or underactive it could cause your hair to fall out excersively fortunately.
Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
Gout is a kind of asthrits that occurs when Uric Acid builds up in blood & cause joint inflammation. Chronic gout is repeated episodes of pain & inflammation. Gout is caused by having-higer-than normal levels of uric acid in your body, your body has a hard time getting rid of uric acid if too much uric acid builds up in the fluid around the joints (Synovial Fluid), uric acid crystals form. These crystals cause the joint to swell up & become inflamed. The exact cause is unknown.
Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance that occurs naturally in all parts of the body your body needs some cholesterol to work properly but if you have too much in your blood, it can stick to the walls of your arteries. This is called Plaque, plaque can narrow your arteries or even block them.
High levels of cholesterol in the blood can increase your risk of heart-disease it can be detected with a blood test.
Women over age 20 should have their cholesterol checked by their doctor, not all cholesterol in your blood is bad for you. There are three kinds of blood cholesterol that you should know about HDL (Good Cholesterol) LDL ( Bad Cholesterol) and triglycerides.
LEVELS: Good Level = 60 mg / dl or more (Good Cholesterol)
(Bad Cholesterol) Good Level = under 100 mg / dl
Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
High blood pressure is a serious condition that can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure.
Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. Blood pressure is measured as systolic and diastolic pressure. SYSTOLIC refers to the blood pressure when the heart beats while pumping blood.
DIASTOLIC refers to blood pressure when heart is at rest between beats.
Category Systolic Diastolic
Normal Less than 120 Less than 80
Prehypertension 120 - 139 80 - 89

High Blood Pressure
Stage 1 140 - 159 90 - 99
Stage 2 160 or Higher 100 or Higher
Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
Most of food we eat turned into Glucose or Sugar. The Pancreas ,an organ near the stomach , produce hormone called Insulin. This hormone is necessary for the body to be able to use sugar or glucose. Insulin role is to take sugar from blood into the cells. When your body doesn't produce enough insulin, it produces sugar level rise and build up in bloodstream. When this happens , it can cause two problems:
1. Right away the body cells may be starved from energy.
2. Overtime , high blood glucose level may damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves or heart.
There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2.
Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
B-Complex is a complex of eight water soluble Vitamins.
Vitamin B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B7,B9,B12
Vitamin B1 - is a Thiamine.
Deficiency causes emotional disturbance. Pain in limbs, irregular periods, irregular heartbeat odema.
Vitamin B2- is a Riboflavin.
Deficiency causes cracks in the lips. High sensitivity to sunlight and inflammation of the tongue.
Vitamin B3- is a Niacin
Deficiency causes aggression, insomnia, weakness, mental confusion and diarrhea.
Vitamin B5-is a Pantothenic acid.
Deficiency results in acne.
Vitamin B6-is a Pyridoxine.
Deficiency may lead to anemia , depression and high blood pressure.
Vitamin B7- Unknown
Vitamin B9- is a Folic Acid
Deficiency in pregnant woman can lead to birth defect.
Vitamin B12- is a Cyanocobalamin
Deficiency causes memory loss.
Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
Definition of Trans-Fat
Transfat is formed when liquid fats are made into solid fats by the addition of hydrogen atoms.
Transfats are found in animal based foods
Transfats originally added to foods to increase shelf life.
It increases LDL, people consume 5.8 grams everyday.
MILK 0%MF FAT (g per cup)
Whole 3.25% 8g
2% 2% 5g
1% 1% 2.5g
0% 0.5% 0.5g
Saturated Fats :
Saturated Fats have a chemical makeup in which the carbon atoms are saturated with hydrogen atoms. Saturated Fats are typically solid at room temprature.

Risk: Eating Foods that contain saturated fats raises the level of Cholestrol in your blood.

How much saturated fat to be reqd.
If you need about 2000 calories a day , no more than 140 of them should come from saturated fats. That's about 16 grams of saturated fats a day.

A man weighing 70 kilograms would have 5.2 litres of blood. A woman weighing 50 kilograms would have 3.3 litres of blood.

In one day your blood travels about 12000 miles , heart beats 34 million times a day.

The main job of the kidneys is to remove waste from blood and return the cleaned blood back to the body. Each minute about one litre of blood one fifth of all the blood pumped by the heart as well as filtering the blood, Kidneys make the regulate important hormones in the body that help to control blood pressure. Red blood cell production and calcium uptake from the intestine maintain body fluid at the correct levels for the body to function. Control body chemistry by the regulating the amount of salt , water and other chemicals moving around the body.
Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
EPA-DHA are two types of Omega-3 fats.
EPA stands for Elcosapen Taenoic Acid
DHA stands for Docosahexaenolc Acid
1000 mg per day to be taken everyday
Is there a EPA DHA in flaxseed oil ?
Ans: Not a bit, flaxseed has a diffrent omega-3 called ALA.
ALA has diffrent benefits than DHA.
Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
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