Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
Muscle Rehab Therapy is a home based Therapy company becoming well known to the communities, founder best Therapist Mr. Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid is dedicated to becoming best service provider in health.

The aim of muscle rehab is to help restore movement and normal body function in cases of illness, injury and disability. We want to meet the needs of individuals and families while providing essential services in therapies for your routine or urgent medical needs. We are dedicated to keeping up to date on the latest research and equipment and sharing all knowledge with clients. We treat every client as a unique individual and customize intervention plans based on current research and proven treatment approaches, founder and therapist Mr. Sandeep Vaid, mixed all the therapies like Bowen, massage, infrared, light therapy manipulation, acupressure, trigger point, traction to make a combine therapy to help suffering people, most problems occur due to the poor circulation, combine therapy is helping in migraine, muscle spasm. back pain, neck pain, knee pain. Leg/Hip pain, frozen shoulder, varicose veins poor circulation, stress and knee pain. Therapy involves working and acting on the body with pressure – structured, stationary or moving-tension, motion, or vibration done manually or with mechanical aids. To enhance function and in the healing process decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability. Target tissue may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, joints or other connective tissue as well as lymphatic vessels or organs of the gastrointestinal system, therapy modalities are improve circulation decreases muscle spasm, decreases lymphatic congestion, increases range of motion, reduces the appearances of cellulite, reduce whiplash.

New study suggests that therapy may work on the cellular level in a manner similar to pain relieving medication such as aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs. Marktar no poisky a processor of paediatric medicine at Mcmaster University in Ontario, Canada LED a study that in the muscle tissue of the massaged Leg/body researchers found a decrease in inflammatory cytokines or proteins and in increase in Mitochondria. The energy producing unit in cells. Our body is made up of millions of tiny cells which all do different job in different parts of the body. There are nerve cells, muscle cells, brain, heart and blood cells and many other type of cells. Each cells needs nutrition so that it gets the energy it needs to do its particular job and also needs oxygen. So that it can combine them to energy. Each cell produces waste products including unused nutrients and also carbon dioxide. If the blood supply is poor then the cells in that part of the body suffer and problems and diseases very often to start, massage facilitates circulation because the pressure created by the combine therapy actually moves blood through the congested areas. The release of the same pressure causes new blood to flow in, the squeezing and pulling also flushes lactic acid from the muscle and improves the circulation of the lymph fluid which carries metabolic waste away from muscles and interval organs. The most sluggish lymphatic system and circulation can be considerably improved with a good combine therapy to the back and legs.

Research published in applied nursing research shows that back massage given during chemotherapy can significantly reduce anxiety and acute, fatigue. The research demonstrates the potential value of the therapy with in the full cancer treatment therapy treatments while able to achieve qualitative muscle release in an affected joint reason can also positively effect the physiological systems of a patient with RA & help to alleviate and prolong the deteriorating effects of the disease.

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