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Sandeep (Sandi) Vaid
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Spondylosis is a medical condition in which the nerve roots of the patient are put under pressure because of a degeneration of the spinal joints. The cause of the disease is mostly considered to be old age. As the person ages, his joints and bones become weaker. This weakening of the joints starts putting pressure on the nerve roots present within the spinal vertebrae and thus causing numbness, tingling and pain in the limbs which are supplied by those nerve roots. Spondylosis is usually most common in people who have been suffering from osteoarthritis and since it is related to aging mostly it affects old people.


Spondylosis can be easily considered a chronic disorder which can affect any part of the body depending on the nerve endings that are being compressed due to the degeneration of the spinal joints. The disorder is used to describe mainly any kind of degeneration taking place in any part of the spine that is causing severe pain to the patient. This is why doctors consider Spondylosis to be a descriptive term that only gives a name to the pain but does not pinpoint the exact reason for the pain and which part of the spine the degeneration is taking place.   


There are three types of Spondylosis and in each a particular part of the spine suffers degeneration. The first one is called the Cervical Spondylosis in which the weakening joints putting pressure on the nerve endings are those of the cervical spine. The second one is known by the name of Lumbar Spondylosis in which the nerve roots are being put under pressure by the degeneration of the joints present in the lower back region. The third and final type is Thoracic Spondylosis in which the affected joints belong to the middle back or the thoracic region of the spine.   


The symptoms of Spondylosis include stiffness in the joint of the spine and an inability to move the part of the spine that has been affected. The degeneration process takes a toll on the structure of the intervertebral discs present in the spine and deforms them to the extent that they no longer are able to keep the spine in its original shape. This causes inadvertent pressure on the spinal canal and the nerves that are present in it. This pressure results in pain, inability to move the limb that the nerve is connected to and muscle weakness and numbness.


Treatment for Spondylosis mainly involves administration of pain medication. The first step in the treatment process is to tone down the pain being suffered by the patient. Next up is the restructuring of the spine to alleviate the pressure on the nerve endings in the spinal column. This is done by physical therapy and occasionally spinal manipulation using chiropractic techniques. However, if pressure on the nerve roots cannot be eased through these methods then the use of surgical intervention becomes necessary. Even though surgery can help in reducing the pressure on the nerves and thus the pain suffered by the patients of this disorder, there are risks associated with it which is why it is the option used only when all other methods have failed.  


Patients of Spondylosis have to take a healthy diet that is balanced and nutritious in nature. Since the disorder is caused by a degeneration of the bones and joints which results from the lack of calcium, thus, including foods in your diet that are rich in calcium is one advice that most doctors give to patients of this spinal disorder. In addition to this, taking in ample amounts of water is also a tip given to the patients of this disorder.  In fact, drinking water is vital for people suffering from any kind of spinal problem because water is required for protecting the joints and bones in the body and helps in slowing down the aging process.


Since Spondylosis is caused mainly due to degeneration and postural changes, a home remedy for treating this disorder is to try and maintain proper posture and avoid putting a lot of stress on your spine. To reduce the pain suffered in this disorder, making use of ice can be very effective. For patients of Cervical Spondylosis, a home treatment method for keeping the pain at bay is to purchase special pillows that provide extra comfort to the neck and keep it in the right posture. The Lumbar <strong

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