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Leg pain

Stop suffering from leg pain: Learn the types, causes, treatments and remedies of pain in the legs!

Many people encounter leg pain at some point in their lives and it is a common issue. More often than not, leg pain is caused by less rest and more work in our day-to-day lives. Because of this condition there are also serious complications such as muscle contractions in the hips, foot or joints, not to mention the constant pain itself. It is really important to understand the causes of your pain and to find the proper treatment accordingly. There is always a cause for pain.


The leg pain itself is an outcome and symptom of one or several non-traumatic and traumatic causes, which lead to inflammation of the tissue or affecting bones, tendons, muscles, joints, ligaments, nerve, skin blood vessels. Very often pain radiates to the legs and source of the pain might actually be located somewhere else, like back ailment for example.

Various types of pain

Pain that burns

There are many different types of leg pain and one of the types that very often occur is pain that burns. This pain is typical of aching legs and it is often described as pain that shoots, a sudden electric jolt, pain that radiates or pain that feels like an electric flow. The source of this type of pain is generally located in the lower back from where the pain goes to the buttocks and then to the legs and feet. The pain can range from mild to severe and even unbearable. When nerves in the lower spine are irritated then the pain can be severe.

Tingling and numbness

Tingling and numbness type of pain is very common and people often experience this when their leg all of a sudden falls asleep. It often feels like the leg nerves seem to detach from the nerves of the spine because it does not feel anything.


Weakness or heaviness

This type of pain is often the most painful. People who suffer from this often need to drag the foot which feels heavy, when going down or up the stairs. This foot drop is the result of weakness in the foot or heavy feeling. There can be quite a bit of sensation still there but the leg just can not seem to sustain movement.

Constant pain

Constant pain is also common and it generally comes from the buttocks area. When this pain occurs then the pain seems to radiate to the legs. In the opinion of many doctors, this pain comes from the nerves, rather than pain which aches or throbs. If you have constant pain on one side then you most likely have sciatica.


Leg pain is defined as pain that is originated between the heels and the pelvis, according to the Mayo Clinic. But, like I mentioned before, the pain can come from elsewhere as well, especially when people have traumas concerning the back or spine. The pain can often be experienced as tingling, stabbing, dull, aching or sharp. The pain can be localized, come all at once or develop over a long period of time. Severe symptoms of leg pain can be debilitating and affect a person’s ability to put weight on the legs, the ability to walk or feel stable when standing. Sometimes the pain in the legs is nothing serious but sometimes it could be a sign of something very serious.


Hot compress

To alleviate the pain, you can apply hot compress on the legs because this will give you a soothing effect. The easiest and most common way to apply a hot compress is simply putting a hot bag over your legs. But you could also try a hot bottle, a hot brick or a hot towel. The temperature of course needs to be tolerable in order to prevent burning or scalding.


Mind the posture

If you suffer from leg pain and you also happen to have a job that requires standing then you need to mind your posture. You need to make sure you stand on both feet evenly because standing on just one foot makes the pain worse.

Wear shoes that are comfortable

Of course women really enjoy wearing high heels and although this might make a woman sexy, it often causes pain as well. So it is important for women who love to wear high heels, but suffer from pain in the legs, to wear comfortable shoes. Flats and wedges are a much better alternative. It is also important to get massage regularly and to avoid crossing your legs because this compresses the arteries in your legs.


There is no question about the fact that diet can also treat leg pain. It is known that improper digesting often leads to pain in legs and it is necessary to av

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